Finished those two requested Skysims hairs, first one pictured is Skysims 39 and the second is 149.

Download SkySims 39 from box / dropbox / skydrive 
Download SkySims 149 from box / dropbox / skydrive  

Also since I personally hate to download something and then notice it has some horrible error please note that the 39 hair has pretty big gap like shown here:

It only shows up from that angle and can be hidden by using similar skin and hair color together but when the contrast is big like shown it is pretty obvious. I tried alphaing it hidden but obviously failed. Also the braid alpha was edited too to remove some transparency issue in that but I forgot to take pictures so just know it’s fixed :D


  • meshes by Skysims
  • textures Pooklet & some Remi blended in the 149 hair :3
  • colors by Pooklet, Io, Hat, Aweeshie & me 
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