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Sorry I’m posting another WIP picture even though I haven’t shared the previous one yet either ^^U this one will be for both genders and child-elder. I couldn’t get the toddler working like I wanted it to be and gave up, I guess this would be bit weird hairstyle for toddlers anyway. :/ The original Sims 3 version is here for anybody needing it for that version of the game or just curious to see the other angles. :3

Anonymous whispered: WCIF skins you use <3 ur game looks lovely

Thank you :D Most of the skins I use in my game come from Ephemera or are blends of those. I’ve also posted few skin edits myself here &here. To list some blends I like:

  • Trapping has plenty of lovely skins in lots of colors
  • Lilith has lovely skins too (personal preference is the older ones since I don’t like the maxis collarbones or chests)
  • Serenity-Fall gave me some lovely skins at CIJ event at GoS (at the bottom of post, pictures are linked, look for mention of “hermit-fox” and you’ll find it)
  • Shadowfell also gave me pretty skins at Secret Santa event at GoS
  • GoS overall has some lovely skins posted there (also check their multiple themes and events for even more skins)
  • Mouseyblue / at GoS their skins are lovely although they don’t suit my Sims. *sad face*
  • Needlecream has wonderful Enayla blends (others are lovely too though!)

I’m probably forgetting to list someone obvious here but those are the ones I could think from top of my head. Hope you’ll find some nice skins from those links nonny!

@emperorofthedark replied to your post:

She is stunning!

I’m glad you like her! I think she’s finally at the point I no longer feel the need to constantly tweak her face and I’ve had her since…. 2010 or so? ^^U

*casually continues posting Sim challenge Sims on her tumblr too*

I also have an unplanned surprise upload to share. Io posted some lovely new hair retextures and I fell in love with this one but needed it in all colors for my game. So I grabbed Io’s retexture and ran all the rest of the color actions I use over it and called it a day.

Download add-on colors from Mediafire / Skydrive / Dropbox

You also need Io’s files to have a full collection, you can grab those here. (the texture is literally the same as in Io’s so there was no point in me redoing the same colors right? So I simply left them out.)


  • Modish Kitten for the mesh, Trapping for the conversion (mesh included for convenience)
  • Io/Pooklet/digitalbabes for the texture

Also that texture is gorgeous, I might have to borrow it for some MOAR retextures ♥

In other news, I should definitely read the descriptions of Maxis objects more often. No love for you poor Sim, it’s just a counter.


"High elf"

… the moment you open you mailbox and find a gift like this outfit - and all you can do is cry of joy.

‘Farewell To Sims 2/3’ Tag Meme

I saw this meme and I like rambling about my game so eh, why not go for it? :D Looong rambly replies underneath~ (no actual farewells to the game included though)

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For a short moment I was like “Wait, penguins in The Sims 4???" Then got back to my senses and silently refreshed. I dunno what glitched and where but after that I got the promised penguin video. Sadly penguins aren’t part of the Sims 4. Too bad, at this point even that would have been sort of an improvement. :( 

Also I really can’t find a reason to be excited about Sims 4 anymore, every day is a new disappointment regarding it, first toddlers and pools then all the normal jobs, NPCs…. I just really, really, really don’t see much appeal in anything this game has actually included especially compared to what was removed. :/ Pancake Bob was channeling my feelings about the whole game in the trailer:

#disappointed #suchEmotion #muchTrailer #wow #weirderSims #I’mCrying

*wanders back to Sims 2*

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