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WCIF the clothes and cathead from: post/89834913932/llazysomeday-woo-finally-i-can-beat-my ? Specifically I want the "Wireless Santanic" tummy shirt, that's so hot!!! Thank you ♥

I sadly have no idea about the clothes but they look like something that would come from MissTiikeri so definitely check them out if you like that kind of style. And the only cat head I can think of is at Dedital Sheep but I’m not sure if it works for adults. I only reblogged that post from Llazysomeday so I recommend asking them since they’d probably know the best. :) If somebody knows let me know and I’ll post about it here though! (I’ll just reply the rest of your messages in this post too to not spam  my dash okay?)

I forgot to ask, do you know anyone who can convert TS3 paintings to TS2? There’s a specific set I want, its rather large too. I thought it was for TS2, but no, and the creator is unable to do the conversions. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

That’s very good question, I’m not really furniture/decorating person so I don’t keep much track of those. I know Veranka converts a lot of Sims 3 furniture but I’m not sure if they take requests and there’s whole database of Sims 3 to Sims 2 conversions here. Maybe somebody has already done the the conversion or you’ll find someone who’s willing to make it. :) If not then posting to GoS or Black Pearl Sims is always one option, they have lots of talented creators.

*Downloads folder groans under the weight of all the new hairs* THANK YOU! ♥
You’re welcome ^_^

I have retextured, renamed, binned, tooltipped etc. so many hairs during last few days that I’m gonna be typing color names in my sleep. In other news I have about 40 things (mostly hair) ready for picture taking and then uploading. I decided that I’m finally finishing all the hairs (+makeups, eyes etc….) I’ve stored for later retexturing/editing through last few years and started working on that project a few days ago. During all that I’ve…

  1. re-found my love for Peggy’s hairs
  2. realized Peggy’s highlights are actually pretty awesome so those are now blended in quite few of the hairs I retextured from them :3
  3. noticed that I had forgotten about so many nice old items, all they needed was a little bit of love and care and they’re ready to go with today’s standards. ;D (or at least my standards)

I still have few (hundred) files to go though in my folders but I think what I’ve gotten done by now is pretty good amount already and I should probably try getting all that uploaded before I make more… Clearly I can get shit done if I just decide so (and am bored enough/have nothing else to do).

I’ve been now tagged twice for the desktop meme by Zoragraves and Dragontrail, I guess you really wanna see my desktop? Well I’m actually not gonna show my actual desktop since it contains tons of personal files for easy access and it’s really cluttered and disorganized anyway, but the picture above is my current background. I just love Husky okay? I also love photoshopping fur collars in case you didn’t guess. And yes this is the same picture I have on my blog and as my avatar, I don’t take (good) pictures too often so when I like one I tend to spam it everywhere. The best part is that I really can’t see Husky wearing something like that at all, he’s simply too practical but it looked pretty and I wanted to take picture that was bit fantasey so… *shrugs*

I’ll tag whoever hasn’t been tagged yet and wants to do this. :3

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Thaanks! ^^

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Eep <3 thank you so much for the quick reply :3! <3!!!

You’re both welcome :3

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How did you manage to get his eye to stay closed?

I used AlfredAskew’s milkshape edited Cyclops face templates (originals here), or rather the non-default templates of those that can be found here (in the last mediafire link, hit the folder called “Cynnix’s request” for the cyclops template) I simply tweaked it further trying my best to keep the eye closed. :3

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Hello! ^___^ sorry to bother you ( and I really hope this hasn't been asked before >< ) but...WCIF Husky's skin ( or is the scar on his missing eye a blush/mask? ) ? :0 ( if you made it and will not be sharing it, that's totally fine ><! )

Husky’s skin is by Serenity_Fall/Rented-Space, you can find it here (Chrismas in July Gift for HermitFox it’s the pixie Rush light-skin.) The scar is combination of two scars, most of it is by Mikewiker, here. The rest is something I did for him specially (it’s actually just a really lame alpha edit of darker scar in that very same link ^^)



Yesterday was my birthday! I am now officially 17 years and 1 day old. While I am busy with the preperations for my party, I thought it would be nice to give you the promised curves: DigitalAngels’ hair colors.

These curves work the same way as Pooklet’s curves and must use Volatile as base. Here is a tutorial on how to use curves.

This download includes 14 curves, how-to-install, credits and a swatch. I hope you like them!


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Hey there! Thank you very much for answering the wcif, a couple of days ago. I actually have a couple of more, if it is not bothering. Wcif the bandage and the plaster that the sim in the last pic is wearing here: /post/23257221948/4-hairs-pookleted-3? And I was wondering if you have made and uploaded a retexture of cazy_93? (the hair in your left profile-pic) Have a nice daaayy! :D

Hi again! ^.^


The Cazy hair I did indeed retexture, it’s here. (I’m planning to redo it soonish though to include the new colors ‘cause it’s pretty much my favorite hair and I need it in every possible color XD)


The bandage… this is annoying, I have an idea where it’s from but I can’t seem to pull the name of the creator/site out of my brain. But to get you started I’ll link few wounds/bandaids I can think of now, 1, 2(it’s possible it’s few scars from 2 layered?), 3.

Edit: … and then just after I hit post I found it, uploaded the bandage-scar-makeup file here. Apparently it’s by Zinny but that file probably has been installed without clean installer since the file name is f3cfa94e791fcd72b3e57885b6d0da1a ^^U But the tooltip says “Zinny’s” so… credit to Zinny for it.

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Hi there! Have you made or do you know where I can find the earrings on this sim: /post/92977347752? And I wanted to thank you for all your great work! (your hair-retextures are the best!) ^^

I actually do know where those are from! (For once hehe) They’re by Manamn, and were posted in their blog: however they seem to have removed them at some point. BUT they’ve also been uploaded to Simscave, the third post here (you have to be registered to be able to view the board I think? Just in case you don’t have account the direct link to the file is this. Everybody totally should join Simscave though, they have lots of nice hidden items there) :3

One last thing for tonight, if anybody would like to grab some accessory hairbands & makeup just take a step towards The Big Trade Off~ (or just grab the stuff from mediafire / dropbox )