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I haven’t had this moody sim in my game for a while, he absolutely refused to smile at all so you get a sulky picture instead.




The download above includes my mesh which has no morphs, if you’d like fat morphs to work on this, please download this edit of the mesh by digital angels.

(Please pick only one of the mesh files)

This is my first clothing mesh edit so - even though I’ve checked this in game carefully - there may be flaws … if you notice any, please let me know so that I can try to fix them and improve my work.

Credits + thanks:
Developers of SimPE + blender (this would never have happened without all these people who work hard to provide plain awesome free/open source software -> message: please support open source if you can, remember that support isn’t limited to donating money, you can also check things out and write a report about how to make them even better or simply spread the word)
Yuxi for the original outfit + her open policy - (if you read this: you are an awesome person, thank you so much for all the beautiful creations, the inspiration I got thanks to them and your kindness in general)
digital angels, my friend - for the hint to do this edit, the additional textures and - last but not least - the morphed version of the mesh

To my followers:
Thank you very much for your support, it really means a lot to me.

Look at this pretty thing ♥





Graphics Rules Maker program for The Sims 2. Improve Compatibility with Modern Systems!

Please reblog so everyone can get their Sims 2 game working properly, without the hassle of editing the graphics rules and video cards files yourself.

Furthermore we’ll add a SimCity 4 plugin very soon.

Now this is REALLY useful!

Going to download this and see if it helps!!

:o this is super cool!

As there was some interest in this sim over at GoS I figured I might as well post her since I know already that I won’t be using her for anything as alien sims aren’t really my “thing” so she’d just sit in my sim bin until I’d delete her so to give her sort of chance for “life” here you go~

Download: mediafire / dropbox

The only thing not included are those accessory lashes as I have no idea who made them. She’s packed with the custom skin and eyes instead of defaults and the sim is pre-extracted so no one should bump at the compatibility issues, just toss the files to your Downloads folder. :)

(also apologies for reblogging my own picture but it was faster to do that than hunt the picture down again, my folders are a mess)

I noticed on my dash that people are actually using those earlier eyemask things so I made bunch of new ones :D Like the previous ones these are also totally layerable together and they should even play nicely with the older ones. (that said you still shouldn’t put them all at once on one sim ‘cause that will look horrible ^^U ) Also just to point it out, the top of the eye I used in these pictures is very dark, the lashes don’t cause that - at least not all of them but some do. So umm… 10 new highlight masks and 21 lashes masks with pretty much useless tooltips of which I forgot to take picture of ^^U Both gifs start from “none” used state.

Download from dropbox / mediafire / skydrive


  • Sugarandcaffeine for their original eyekit
  • Textures were drawn in SAI by me (feel free to use for whatever if someone thinks they’d have use for them *shrugs*)

Oooh, whose hair texture is that? It’s fantastic.

That hair is by Rented-Space, here, I believe the texture is Kijiko’s. :) (it’s pretty much my favorite hair at the moment so I end up using it a lot + it’s perfect when you want to show off the Sims’ face or makeup :3)

avelexi replied to your post: avelexi replied to your post: @avelex…

Still it’s hard to make copies of faces. Thanks though! :)

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I could however make a pictured tutorial on how I generally make my Sim faces ‘cause I can’t really explain it that well in words without just saying “make it smaller” ^^; (+ doing a tutorial could be fun :D)

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I had a feeling you’d say that (that you can’t upload him XD ). It’s ok. I made a new sim and named him Orion. Lol! But no you don’t have to upload his cc list. I have most of his goodies. Just not the face.

Hehe the thing is, his face isn’t actually that interesting or special under all the makeup so I figured I’d show how he looks without any of it (also swapped the hair so that the face actually can be seen):

So just regular tiny faced and nosed pointy chinned sim. If it helps any for the longest time this face set was my default until I ended up making my own set which is still based on that one + few downloaded sims (I wanted the faces to be even tinier ‘cause that’s how I roll :D )

Let’s upload this skin now so that’s out of the way. File includes custom version of the skin and default alien skin as well as default alien eye, the eyes included are the same ones as is on the skin texture. (for custom version of the eyes go to this post) It just made the most sense for me that way. I also included a png with the third eye opened so you can paste there your own eye defaults if you don’t like mine. You can install both default and custom versions or only the other one, both ways work. All ages (baby-elder) and fitness states, babies and toddlers have bit less details on their skins than older Sims. Oh and I’m probably stating the obvious but if you already have default alien skin and/or eyes you should remove those first before installing mine. :3

Download from Dropbox / Mediafire / Skydrive


  • Skin parts used were by Ephemera, Enayla, Maxis and very possibly something from Louis and Navetsea
  • Pictures (of male:) Royalblues ♥ (of female:) me (more pictures included in the file)

Aand that’s that I think. Let me know if you notice something off with any of the files and I’ll fix it ASAP. Also a lot of how these skins look in game depends on the lighting so “actual product may differ from the pictured”, ;) Light blue with some pink/purple was what I aimed for but as you can see from the pictures they look more greenish/whitish than blueish (at least on my screen). ^^;

I like Ora or Orion for this cutie. Guess it’s asking too much for you to upload him for us? *asks with sad puppy dog eyes*

I’m glad you like him but yeah, I don’t plan to upload him, sorry. (I can however make a list of all the content he’s wearing if you’d like to have that ^^)

Not sure how my “let’s clean out unneeded bodyshop content” turned into “let’s make yet another pretty boy Sim since I only have neighborhood full of them already” but either way have an over edited bodyshop picture of what will be my new toy. I think I’ll call him Ora because I kinda really like how that sounds although the random name generator that generated that name also kept throwing Shun at me and I kinda like that too…(Ora-Shun might be bit too weird name after all…) Maybe I’ll think more about it after some sleep. While we’re at it this picture is also a teaser of hair and eyes BTW. :3 After finding this eye drawing tutorial, I’ve sorta been in eye drawing/making mood since their method makes it ridiculously easy to make eyes and sadly(?) you’ll be the ones to suffer(?) from that.

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