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Models: Luze + Husky (his pretty face is hidden in this shot but still .. )

Credits: My bff 4 sharing Husky with me

They’re always so adorable together ♥

This got nothing to do with Sims but(t) since while chatting with ‘blues I happened to mention that word (yes But(t)) and it reminded me of this and I was happy to still find it from youtube and decided that everyone who has seen it at some point should see it again and those who haven’t seen it all should see it too. For over ten year old video(?) it’s still great and definitely my favorite anime music video.

Definitely the new one. It’s more vibrant and eye catching.

Ooooh I like that new red; definitely looks more like a carrot head XD

Why not both

New! :3

I like both. :)

new. more accurate to red IRL.

theeleventhsammy answered your post: A very random question all suddenly bu…

I really like the new one c:

Hee the vote is pretty clearly on the side of the new one. And like said there’s no problem in keeping both in the set (unless you’re like me who hates uneven sets XD), I’ll simply give the new one another name so things won’t get too confusing. :) Thanks you all for your replies!

A very random question all suddenly but as I’ve been poking with my color actions and I’m interested in hearing if you prefer the old red or new red?

Anonymous whispered: wcif the hair you use on your sidebar?

Hello, that hair is actually my own retexture of Kijiko’s Burmese hair and you can find it from this post. (heheh it’s even shown on the very same model) :3 For bit shinier version there’s also Martini’s original conversion here.

Anonymous whispered: hi, i'm looking for "black sclera" kind of lenses seen on supernatural tv show or the ones that yolandi visser (rapper from the band "die antwoord" wears but i can't find anything like it...would you recommend anything? i like the ones u made but it doesnt look fully black .

The only one I can think of is these masks Pyxis made here they even work with any eyes the sim has so I’d recommend trying them out to see if you like them. :3

Sadly those are the only ones I can think of but maybe that’s useful for you. :/



Hey (or ‘good evening’ in case our time zones match) everyone~

So, Saturday 07.19.2014 ended up to be the day for this blog to be officially born … yay, digitalangels and me hope that you’ll enjoy!

This is our first gift for you guys; M1ssduo‘s Condom in mouth ACC TS3toTS2




Developers of simPE + s3pe, WesH, M1ssduo

Theme: At Vance - Two hearts

Time to unveil the secret project finally~ So what the heck is Geezers United? It’s mine and Royalblues’ joined blog where we post all the perverted stuff or just stuff we did some collaboration on that doesn’t really fit in either of our blogs. Why is it called Geezers United? Because we’ve been joking that we are two old perverted geezers for few years already and because it sort of suited it. (and because Blues didn’t agree on “two girls one blog” name ;P ) The blog has been tagged as NSFW just to be safe although it’s pretty safe to say there won’t be any kind of hardcore (sim)porn there. Anyway if possibly adult pictures and content for Sims 2 is your thing maybe follow us! Kids steer clear. ;)

I’ll mention if there has been updates at GU on my main blog too occasionally so you won’t miss a thing. I’ll try to keep this blog “clean” of the more perverted content though. :3

clairesworld whispered: As time goes by I am here again to thank you for your beautiful downloads :)

Aww thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely message. :3


I declare today as “Sharing Saturday” - There you go, an accessory jacket by LittleM converted to TS2.

Lots of headache, tears and screaming passed for this one and it would never have been finished/released without digital angels' help; she kept me sane, encouraged me over and over again and did the final tweaks to the animation on top of all. - I love you dear, you’re awesome, you’re the best friend I could ever have dreamed of, thank you so, so much for all your hard work, your patience and .. everything Q_Q <3



Developers of simPE, developers of s3pe, WesH, LittleM, digital angels

I love you too *snuggles* Also I think it was worth all the frustration since it looks great now. ♥

Enough teasing you with these so here we go, set of alien eyes, these are the custom(& geneticized/mask) version, I’ll upload the default eyes with the skin then. :) Also you’ll have to pick between custom & geneticized. Mask version is safe to install with both and can be found from under the blushes.

Download from dropbox / mediafire / skydrive / box


  • Textures were drawn by me (so if you used for something else I’d like to be credited, also if posting on tumblr please tag me so I can see & reblog :3 )
  • Sclera by Pooklet
  • Few colors use Trapping’s eye color actions
  • Pictures by Royalblues & me (in order of appearance)
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