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One moar thing~ I posted above stuff to GoS, But you can also skip going there and just grab ‘em from this or this link in case you’re feeling lazy. (but there’s lots of other cool stuff posted to the monthly theme thread so you totally should check the thread if you haven’t done so already!) :3

Small “I’m not dead yet!” note from me :3

Just been busy with real life… oh and I might have submitted something for GoS’ Egg hunt too.

wonder what that could be….? ;P

Tuomas Holopainen - The Life and Times of Scrooge (Full Album) ▷

I don’t usually share videos or music here but I think this one deserves all the attention it can get.


Happy Belated Birthday, digitalangels!!

I hope you had a pleasant day, even though birthdays start to become meaningless after 20 (I feel the sentiment XD) and lots of best birthday wishes! I have a small gift for you, and I hope you have use for these ;3;

I come bearing four converted hairs from Kijiko Sims site! All, but one hair is for both genders, and all hairs works for all ages. I did my best to fit them on the heads without the skulls poking through at odd angles, particularly hair004 and hair010. There might be some forehead sloppy-ness on sims with long faces. All hairs comes in your favourite colours, plus your digi family and binned/familied in the same way as your hair downloads (hopefully).

3t2 Kijiko Hair004 - Short Dreads/SelkirkRex

3t2 Kijiko Hair008 - White Toyger Nyan

3t2 Kijiko Hair010 - Siamese/Nightngale (Male only)

3t2 Kijiko Hair013 - Shaggy Long Hair/Ragamuffin

Happy Birthday! <3


Happy belated birthday, digitalangels!

Here’s Fakepeeps Prairie Jane dress as top-only for af, tf, and cf. It is slaved to the original dresses, but I included a texture file in case you don’t have them. If you do, feel free to delete the file labelled “TEXTURES”.

DOWNLOAD (mirror)

Anonymous whispered: Happy Birthday Digitalangels! Thank you for making so much amazing CC for TS2. Your new banner is adorable, that hair edition is so cute.

ASdasd thanks!

But MY brother’s birthday is on the 7th! Are you MY brother? Happy belated birthday, brother!

I’m everyone's brother! And thanks :D

jollyreginaldrancher whispered: It's your birthday?? But it's my brother's birthday too... Are you my brother?

Hahah my birthday was 7th day but that message had arrived after I had wandered to sleep so at least locally it’s already 8th of April. And I might be your brother if your brother is actually girl. ;P

Anonymous whispered: happy birthday ! thank you so much making such amazing things and even more thanks for the kijiko hairs , love them . xoxo

I’m glad you like them and thanks! ^.^

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